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What changes with the new regulations on revisions?

The most important change concerns the phase of PRE REVIEW CONTROLS. In fact, the procedure requires a PRELIMINARY REVIEW OF THE VEHICLE (at the workshop) and, if necessary, repair it before accessing the final review “on road”. The workshop is required to certify the good condition of the vehicle by a declaration on the back of the new TT 2100 reservation model owned by the owner. It will therefore have to be good practice to carry out such checks at the workshop in such a way as to make possible any interventions before the revision date.

The vehicle consumes tires abnormally, what can it be?

First of all you have to check the integrity of bushings and suspension rods.
If everything is fine, with alignment verification and placement, we will definitely solve the problem.
It is advisable to check the alignment of axles and wheels once a year, and do not periodically check the tire pressure.


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