The advantages of a rented vehicle

  • MAN vehicles in excellent conditions and technically up-to-date;
  • Convenient monthly, weekly or daily fixed price;
  • Tax deductible instalments;
  • No risk for the operator
motrice porta casse mobili e biga

Which are the required documents for renting a vehicle?

1. Chamber of Commerce certificate within 6 months from date of issue;
2. Identity document of the legal representative;
3. Copy of the registration document of an owned vehicle;
4. Copy of the certificate of enrolment in the register of transport companies
5. Copy of the REN certificate (National Electronic Register);
6. Copy of the driving licence of the driver of the vehicle (who must have the digital tachograph driver smart card)
7. Privacy policy statement;
8. If the driver is an employee, copy of the declaration of employment we will send, signed and stamped by the employer;
9. 3 months deposit;
10. Advanced payment.